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"the mighty oak tree was once A little nut who stood his ground"


Artist and Designer Nicholas Plakotaris a.k.a. “Plakasaurus” was born and raised in Annandale NJ. He started making a name for himself by selling his paintings, stickers, and customized lighters in High School and named Art Student of the Year in 2016.  Since then he has continued to make and sell work and has pursued design education.

Designer Statement

Artist Statement

I am a visual composer. I find beauty in weathered objects because I believe we as people are all weathered objects and we all are an accumulation of our past struggles and triumphs. We all have layers underneath what we allow the world to see, that is why deterioration is my favorite form of creation. 

I believe in capturing that process with paint. I compose the walls of my imagination with a symphony of color and control the chaos inside myself. Controlling chaos is at the core of my work. I want the viewer to see the rawest art possible, it is important to paint as savagely as I can.

Design is meant to be simple and effective, From the Typography to color scheme. Each decision must connect to the next to all make sense, like assembling a puzzle. Design is the solution to the problem. with the correct design all things are possible.



Raritan Valley Community College. Associates degree, Graphic & Interactive Design 2021.

North Hunterdon High School 2016


Group Exhibitions:

2019 ­ Flemington Fine Artisans Show

2017 Hunterdon County Outdoor Art Show

2016 Hillsborough Student Art Show




Honors and Awards:

Honorable mention Hunterdon County Library Outdoor Art Show 2017

5/5 on AP Drawing Portfolio 2016.

North Hunterdon High School Art Student of the Year 2016.

Honorable mention Hillsborough Student Art Show 2016

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