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What is Plakaforum?

Plakaforum is a school assignment that was meant to change the world. Our professor challenged us to come up with a cause that would change the world for the better through graphic design. In my mind I have been dreaming of a way to change the world through my art and by being true to myself.  My answer to this challenge is Plakaforum.

Plakaforum is a online gallery geared toward the people who follow Plakasaurus and want to showcase their work to him and the community. It is meant to bring people together who have similar interest and similar taste in art. It is open to anyone who wants to sign up to be included into the community.

This is my portfolio providing examples of how this site would look if it was actually real (which it could be in the future).

This is the style guide for the overall aesthetic of the Plakaforum brand accompanied with my earliest draft of a logo design before I came up with the idea for Plakaforum.

These are examples of Plakaforum's social media presence.

These are examples of how the site would look on a desktop screen and on a mobile phone. Accompanied with the site map and a wire frame as well as the first draft of the landing pages.

These are examples for merchandise and display of a Plakaforum event. This was the biggest turning point in my project, once I created these three pieces the aesthetic of Plakaforum was born and I went back and modeled the rest of the assignments after these images.

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