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This is my Typography Portfolio for the Spring Semester 2021

This is the biographical name tag assignment. You had to get to know someone and create a name tag fitting them. I did not use a ruler to create this and drew this by eyesight.

This is the carved letter assignment. We had to carve pencil erasers to create a relief printed word. 

This assignment we had to take one letter of our relief printed word to create a pattern, as well as print our word witht the best possible kerning by eyesight.

This assignment was to learn kerning inDesign and to pick a typeface to match a photo. *this is protected under the fair use terms, this is for educational use only*

This assignment was to create a type book centered around a famous persons name to further our understanding of inDesign.

This assignment was to create an interactive presentation about a typographer in inDesign to create an interactive pdf and website.

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